Best Adventure Sports You Should Try While In Goa

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Goa is known for sun-soaked beaches, dilapidated forts, vast meadows, golden coastline, fun filled parties and more. There are also a number of drink and dine options and great hotels like Villa Humble Rock in Goa.

If you want to stay near around Calangute beach, you can put up at the best holiday home in Calangute Beach Goa. Yet, this is not the sole ensemble of things to do in Goa. Goa is also an alluring place for adventure sports enthusiasts. There are a number of adventure sports that you can try here.

1) Scuba Diving and Snorkelling :-

Diving into the ocean can be a lifetime opportunity to experience the enchanting marine life. The view of colorful corals is the most fascinating view one can ever get. While looking for corals, you may also come across wrecked ships that evoke the scene of sinking of the Titanic.

The thrill of freely playing around freely in the vast expanse of the infinite sea is an altogether different experience. Indeed, scuba diving in the waters of Goa is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In Goa you can relish your scuba diving experience with all safety equipment and good instructors at a fraction of the cost that one can do in Maldives or other places.

Choose the best holiday home in Calangute Beach Goa and enjoy all the pleasures of the beach. If you like resorts, there is Villa Humble Rock for you.

2) Parasailing :-

You can get a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea while parasailing. Parasailing is a very popular adventure sports that tourists to Goa prefer to indulge in. Flying high above the might waves of the sea, enjoying the spectacle of the blue waters from high up and getting a 360 degree view of the vast expanse can transport you to another world.

It is a favourite game among kids, couples and families since it offers a perfect combo of enjoyment and thrill and is easier to perform compared to scuba diving or other water sports.

3) Windsurfing :-

Windsurfing is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is for those hardcore adventure sports enthusiasts; fanatics per se. Yet, for those who have it in them, Windsurfing is an unforgettable experience.

It is a combination of surfing and sailing. You need to stand on the surfing board and grip the sail attached to it firmly. You have to learn how to man oeuvre the sail to set the board in motion and ride the waves successfully. It takes some training and courage to learn the nuances of windsurfing. Cruising through the vast ocean waters and riding on top of the waves can be a life changing experience.

If you are averse to something as adventurous as windsurfing, enjoy the sight of people windsurfing from the best holiday home in Calangute Beach Goa.

4) Water scooter :-

Windsurfing is not for everybody, but you can enjoy surely take part in Water Scooters. This too offers a thrilling enjoyment, but is meant for those who are relatively inexperienced in water sports.

It combines thrill and speed that accompanies riding a bike on the sea. It is a very popular activity in Goa and the scooters are also readily available on most of the Goa beaches. There is a whole lot of resorts in Goa. Villa Humble Rock can be one of the best resorts in Goa.


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